Lakeside Superfast lands for Portsmouth Based Businesses

Delivering 1Gbps+ internet speeds to Portsmouth based businesses, CXS set the standard for Superfast Internet Services.

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Lakeside Superfast lands for Portsmouth...

South Coast based Internet Service Provider CXS Connected Enterprise launches Lakeside Superfast, bringing 1Gbps+ speeds to Portsmouth Based Businesses.

Following the 2018 investment in Lakeside North Harbour and CXS bringing their high capacity IP Transit and Cloud network upgrades to their new Portsmouth HQ, CXS have continued the roll out initially to Lakeside Tenants, and are now offering over 1Gbps+ speeds FTTP to Portsmouth Businesses.

Through delivering high capacity Multi-Gb+ capable driver network infrastructure along the South Coast and forming strategic relationships with existing in ground infrastructure providers, CXS have enabled legacy fibre and copper networks to benefit from the capacity injection whilst setting out the roadmap for 10Gbps+ enabled routes for arterial business parks directly on CXS fibre.

Lakeside North Harbour businesses are already able to benefit from the high capacity CXS network connectivity, with 5 day fibre provisioning, the ability to scale speeds up or down with connectivity at any time, SD-WAN overlays and direct cloud-connect to Azure, Google, AWS and RackSpace all available from the front door.

More information on Portsmouth Superfast will be released soon. If you’re a Hampshire based business, looking for an alternative to basic Leased Line fibre connectivity, talk to CXS about our range of superfast business connectivity solutions.

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