CXS Success Means a New Address

CXS Connected Enterprise looks to the future, committing to UK expansion at Lakeside North Harbour

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CXS Success Means a New Address

Located at Lakeside North Harbour, IBM’s previous UK Headquarters, the new CXS Connected Enterprise UK Head Quarters and 24/7 NOC overlooks picturesque lakes and green areas.

In mid 2017, CXS began planning to move the CXS UK HQ and NOC to a new premises, to better support the groups continual growth and expansion. After nearly a year of searching, in early 2018, CXS gave the green light and committed to Lakeside North Harbour as part of an initial £3.5m, 10 year long investment strategy.

Throughout the design process we’ve blended the latest technology alongside our unique, if not quirky, office theme. This new vibrant interactive open plan environment will give our guests the best first impression of CXS and is a welcoming venue to do business.

“The move is perfectly timed after years of hard work investing in the current infrastructure and foundations that have allowed CXS to grow strategically and for our future plans for expansion and development. Lakeside is the perfect venue, not only for our staff, but our clients to visit.” Tobias Hooton, CEO

It is also a great opportunity for CXS to gain wider exposure, along with an even bigger recruitment pool for us to take on more talented staff to enhance our ever-growing business.

As part of CXS’ investment in Lakeside, we are pulling diverse 100Gb legs into the facility, further opening up the opportunity for businesses across the park to participate in our network, private and public cloud offerings and our extensive portfolio of Infrastructure Services

“From the very start CXS set out to be the very best at what we did and in a relatively short amount of time the move to Lakeside has cemented us as major player not only in the UK but also throughout Europe. The move also presents the team with the chance to really stretch their legs (literally) and show what we can do in creating scalable, effective and most importantly manageable solutions for clients” said Ollie Brough Head of Customer Operations.

CXS started the build in early July 18 and the office will be ready and occupied by early October. It has been designed and developed in house by the team in true CXS style, not what you would expect from a leading-edge technology company, true CXS ethos in every aspect. Every service is designed with N+N2 service resilience foundations, and the entire infrastructure and all associated services meet and exceed ISO 27001 standards. Our 24/7/265 manned NOC and SOC within the Lakeside Facility supports our UK and European Customer Estate.

The office move is just another step in the continual development of CXS. We look forward to welcoming you for a cuppa and a tour.

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